Kathy Dunn reviewed OMG Tree Service — 5 star

Felix Rodriguez of OMG Tree Service brings both passion and expertise to his work. We had several large trees that needed attention – two or three endangering the house with broken or failing branches at a considerable height. Instead of bringing in heavy machinery, Felix studied each tree; donned safety equipment; carefully climbed each tree; and used a small chain saw to safely remove the branches.

After watching Felix’s skillful assessment and work (our neighbor joined us to watch and admire), we hired him to do further tree work with small to very large trees in the woods alongside our house.

Felix took this work a step further, creating new uses for the timber taken down. Beautiful cutting boards, shelves, bowls and other items emerged from his workshop – offering new ways to have and enjoy the trees that held so much meaning for us.

Felix’s work reflected a deep understanding of our wishes and intent. He clearly communicated his understanding of issues, and offered solutions that expanded on the possibilities we had imagined. We give him the highest recommendation and will gladly hire him again.


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